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What is Classical Education?

Cheryl Swope, the author of the book, “Simply Classical, a Beautiful Education for every child”, wrote:

“Some parents and educators have the misconception that classical education is only for “smart kids.” It is easy to understand why someone might think this way. Latin at age eight? Homer by fourteen? With such standards, one might reason, surely classical education is only for born geniuses—the brightest and best of our children. But what about those children who are not born geniuses? What about those who, far from being intellectually gifted, are living with cognitive challenges, language disorders, or physical disabilities? Does classical education have anything to offer them? Can classical education benefit any child?”

The answer is a resounding, YES!!!

Classical education

  • Brings order to a disorderly mind

  • Encourages its students to seek beautiful, wise and Truthful books and studies in which to focus their thoughts

  • Systematically (defined: fully, in total, through and through) teaches and trains a student through thoughtful content and lifelong learning

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Last updated: July 31st, 2019

Thus, this education is most effective for students whose learning differences or delays require a whole child approach.

At King’s Grove School we hold true to these beliefs. It is of the utmost importance that the content our students receive is rich and full, as students with learning differences are in greater need of quality of content because the quantity of content is not within their grasp for the taking. Yet, with a classical education our students, like all other classical students, are taught the far more important skill of “how” to think, rather than “what” to think, within the abilities that God has given them.

Please read the following article by Cheryl Swope explaining classical education and how Helen Keller overcame great obstacles and benefitted from a classical education that led to a beautiful and well lived life.

A classical education is like climbing a mountain, each child benefiting from whatever vistas he or she attains in that upward journey.  The special-needs child needs and benefits from the uplifting vision of a classical education as much if not more than those without learning challenges. Simply Classical gives encouragement and real help for all parents who do not want to settle for second best for their special-needs child. In doing so she has advanced the cause of classical Christian education by confounding its critics who claim it is only for the elite.
― Cheryl Lowe, Founder of Memoria Press