King’s Grove School

Why KGS?

KGS is convinced students with special needs deserve an education that’s beautiful, purposeful and worthy.

But Why?

Today, true community is missing.  Not just for children with special needs, but for every single one of us.

When you walk around your community, do you feel welcomed? Excited about places your family can enjoy together? Eager to try places that offer rest, inclusion, purpose and just plain fun?

For families with special needs, all those places of opportunity are instead places where their families can’t be.  Simple outings for most are major logistical conundrums for special needs families. In most communities it is unclear how these families can contribute in their unique way.  Friendships and community are just plain hard for persons of special needs and their families.

This is an “our problem” scenario.  Not a “their problem” issue. When entire groups of people can’t find their place, entire communities are stifled. That’s an even greater problem when you consider that most people with special needs stay in their home communities for their whole lives. 

Together with Owasso and the greater Tulsa region, we invite you to fill a hole in our community that impacts all of us. Quality education for special needs children, no matter a child’s ability.  Support for their families. And readying the community to embrace special needs into everyday life

King’s Grove School believes every person is worthy to engage in the fullness of God’s beautiful world, and in the thriving communities that surround them. 

King’s Grove School believes every person is worthy of engagement and fellowship in our communities.

We believe that excellent education - no matter a child’s ability - opens the door to that life-long journey.


Because King’s Grove School meets a critical need in and for our community.

We educate our students, equip their families, and bridge our community for reciprocal engagement.