King’s Grove School

Our Families are...

Integral - Our families at King’s Grove are an integral part of the school.  Our school could not  exist without the help and involvement of our families. We want our families to think of King’s Grove as much more than a place for their children to go during the day.  King’s Grove is a partnership for and with our families as we strive to help them educate their children in beauty, Truth and wisdom.

Intentional - King’s Grove families will seek out ways to become intentionally involved all while holding to the school’s mission.  We invite our families to offer their skills, knowledge, creativity and passion as a way to intentionally enrich the culture and life at King’s Grove.

Invested - Because our families have an integral part in our school’s framework, they are also invested. We hope our families see being a part of King’s Grove as an eternal investment as they have the opportunity to eternally impact not only their children’s lives, but also the lives of all of our students and our community.