King’s Grove School

About Us

Have you ever searched for something you desperately needed only to find it didn’t exist? We did.

King’s Grove School (KGS) was created to meet the essential need in our community of quality education for persons with special needs by offering:

  • Quality, Christian Education for students with special needs

  • Support for these students and their families as they navigate life with special needs

  • Community support and equipping to encourage and be ready to embrace persons with special needs into everyday life and interactions

KGS is convinced students with special needs deserve an education that’s beautiful, purposeful and worthy.


We believe we all benefit from taking in the beauty around us. DO YOU?


We believe classical education can help the child with special needs bring purpose, love, and comfort to those around them when taught slowly, patiently, and systematically. They are students just like any other, with lessons to learn, teachers to respect, and parents to honor. Children who are identified with “special learning needs” can receive a substantial, elevating, and beautiful education. Any child is a son or daughter, brother or sister, grandchild, or friend, with the high calling of gracious and tender service, as God works through the child for His loving purposes. DO YOU?


We believe all individuals, regardless of their abilities, deserve an education that is worthwhile and beautiful in content and substance. DO YOU?

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